Purimas Spa Resort Yoga Garden, Dance

Dance lessons

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself, get into balance, & make some resolutions.

It is well documented that dancing in many forms has healing powers and endless benefits. For example, dance improves one’s self-confidence, body balance and body awareness. Dance develops concentration, and most importantly the health benefits to be gained from this form of exercise are endless.

Getting lost in the rhythm of the music can also be a form of meditation allowing any issues of the day – to melt away!! The revival of dance, in particular Ballroom, Latin and Salsa has gone viral since the onset of programs like “Dancing with the Stars”. We see people from all over the world joining classes, enjoying the social and health benefits of this ancient art form!

What better place to start or continue your dance therapy than when you are on holiday. Why not book some private single or couple lessons either with our resident Dance Guru Marcel De Rijk or one of his professionally trained dance tutors who will help you skip the light fantastic in Ballroom, Latin and Salsa Dance.


If you are already familiar with the arts of Yoga, Meditation and other forms of exercise, Puri Mas recommends you take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to enjoy exercising or meditating outdoors in the fantastic Lombok climate.

The Puri Mas Lombok Yoga Garden offers a peaceful, tranquil setting amongst the frangipani trees and herb garden, making your daily routine a complete pleasure.

If you are keen to enjoy Yoga lessons either privately or in a group, please let us know in advance and we can do our best to arrange for you.



Footnote to parents:

Puri Mas has adopted a No Children Under 12 Years Policy: Each of our swimming pools which includes our public and villa pools are over 150cm deep and one level. Our pools are not attended or gated therefore in the interests of safety we have made a conscious decision to adhere to this policy.